This page is a timeline of cosmic events from the creation of the universe at the beginning of the Cosmic Era, to the foundation of modern civilisation.

Much of the timeline herein is presented without dates, as it covers both the Universe before time existed, as well as cosmos-spanning events of which a single planets yearly cycle bears little relevance. The timeline is told in Ages, with each Age marked by a significant event that changed the state of the Universe.

Creation of the UniverseEdit

The Timeless UniverseEdit

  • In the beginning, the Universe existed in a timeless state of energy that flowed and clashed together chaotically, endlessly. From these energies arose the Elements, which would forever consume one another in an endless battle.
  • Among this chaos was a pure form of energy known as Divinity. This was the magic of creation itself, and as it collided with other forms of energy, it forged into something new.
  • Consciousnesses began to form among the chaos, only to be torn apart again moments later. These fleeting lives knew only pain and suffering for but a fraction of a fraction of a second.
  • Over time a strange phenomenom began to occur. Greater collisions of energy formed a stronger conscious, which could exist for longer before being destroyed. When torn apart and re-created, a faint memory remained of previous existances - a memory of the pain and anguish of this fleeting life.
  • Eventually, a conscious formed that was so powerful that its sheer anger at its life willed all of Creation into order. The chaos stopped, and the First Soul was born.

The Ordering of the UniverseEdit

  • The First Soul set about the task of ordering the Cosmos, beginning by defining the four  Primary Elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. Each Element was given its own Plane of existance where it could dwell without consuming the others in a ceaseless battle.
  • The remaining energies in the Cosmos were contained to the Plane of Magic, which consisted of all the chaotic energies that created the change and chaos that has once tortured the First Soul's existence.
  • Satisfied with its work, the First Soul would take on the name of The Shaper, he who had shaped the very foundation of the Universe.

The Birth of TimeEdit

  • With his job completed, the Shaper fell into a deep depression. With the Universe ordered and contained within Planes, everything became static and unchanging. The Shaper was alone, and no new life or energies could exist.
  • From his sorrow, Time was born. A steady flow of matter and energy that was controlled, where change could occur without the violence of the chaos of the Timless Universe.
  • Unbeknownst to the Shaper, his sorrow and the creation of time had created another force. Entropy.
  • The Shaper began to allow energies from the Plane of Magic to flow together, weaving into new forces as he experimented. The Universe was his play-thing.
  • Before long, the Shaper grew lonely in his games and sought company in the cosmos, and wove together magics with his own Divinity to create new souls, forging the Pantheon.
  • Meanwhile in the Elemental Planes, the primordial magics locked away had begun to form their own consciousness, and the Elemental Lords were born.

The Endless WarEdit

  • Within each Elemental Plane, a living embodiment of each Element arose and they began to rage at their prisons. They longed to be free, to clash with one another again in endless batte.
  • Eventually the Elemental Lords would begin to rupture their prisons, and their energies began to course out into the Universe again, devouring magics in their fury.
  • Enraged, the Shaper went to war with the Elemental Lordss alongside his new Pantheon, in order to keep them contained. The battle was endless, as the Elemental Lords could not be defeated anymore than the elements that birthed them could be removed from existance. And every time a member of the Pantheon fell, the Shaper would restore them.
  • The unending conflict drove the Shaper to madness and desperation, and in his dark mood, Entropy would rear its head. Forged by the constant death and re-birth of elemental and magical souls, entropic energies has coalesced into their own soul, the God of Death.
  • The God of Death latched onto the Shaper's darkness, and filled him with a fury he had not known since the Ordering. 
  • The Shaper shattered the barriers to the Elemental Planes, dispersing their energies and killing the souls of the Elemental Lords within, but the flood of energies also tore apart his own Pantheon once and for all as well.

The Material PlaneEdit

  • As the chaos settled, the Shaper bore witness to something new born amongst the chaos. A material universe of matter; chunks of earth and comets of ice floated among burning stars, carried by cosmic winds. The beauty of sight gave the Shaper a new emotion, Hope.
  • As hope poured from the Shaper, the darkness of Entropy receeded for but a moment, and in that moment the Shaper channelled his Divinity into a new life-form. The Goddess of Light was born.